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The emotional growth that takes place during the teenage years can have a huge impact on the rest of an adolescent's life. Therapy improves self-awareness, increases the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships, and supports the discovery of ways to work toward creating a meaningful future. I love working with teens and helping them realize more about who they are and who they want to become! 


Being a healthy and content adult isn't always easy! There is no manual with easy to follow instructions, and yet there are suggestions everywhere. It can be hard to find guidance that is unique to the individual and his or her specific needs. Therapy can help you sort through all the noise, as well as discover how to reach your goals. Whether it's addressing a specific challenge or general unmanageability in your life, therapy will be beneficial.


Relationships can be a powerful place of healing and growth. They can also be toxic and foster unhealthy dynamics that cause pain and suffering. If there is love between two people, there is a way to work toward healthy companionship in couples' therapy. A relationship can be turned from unmanageable and painful into one that is forgiving and nurturing. The work a couple does can also have a hugely positive impact on children within the family system.


Family therapy includes working with whole families (blended/traditional/non-traditional) as well as smaller groups of family members, such as one parent and one child. Family therapy tackles the patterns generating negative outcomes, and gives family members the skills needed to communicate and address challenges effectively. Family therapy can mend broken relationships, improve the functioning of all family members, and prevent the further deterioration of family bonds.

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Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

Joseph Campbell - Mythologist, Author, & Lecturer